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Jeeru/jeera/ Jirum/Cumin Seeds
Chapter – 09

HSN code – 09093129

Ashway Impex is a  Reliable Exporter and Supplier of Cumin Seeds from India. We are regularly Exporting European Quality Cumin Seed CRE-101 with 99.5% PurityGulf Quality Cumin Seed CRE-104 with 99% Purity and Singapore Quality Cumin Seed CRE-106 with 99% Purity from India to all over the world. Gujarat and Rajasthan are the major Producers of Cumin Seed in India. They account for 90% of total Indian Cumin Seed Production. The Indian Cumin Seed Production being a lot Higher than that in Turkey, Syria or Iran, the Indian Stock of Cumin Seed is generally Available throughout the Year while the Stocks of other Origins Cumin Seed Like Iran and Syria get Exhausted soon.

Fennel Seeds, Variyali, Saunf, Star Aniseed, Badiyan
Chapter – 09

HSN Code -09096139

We proudly announce ourselves as most favorable and prominent Fennel Seeds Exporters and suppliers in India selling wide range of seeds having wonderful medicinal benefits and healthbenefits too.

Clients can avail our products at most suitable prices without making any compromise on quality standards. Besides, we are putting continuous efforts to make our fennel seeds India better as per customer feedback.

Our deep technical knowledge and constant efforts helps us to establish ourselves as most prominent Fennel Seeds Exporters and suppliers in Indiaand overseas too.To know more on fennel seeds benefits, fennel seeds nutritional facts, kindly contact our expert team right away.

Fennel Seeds Nutritional Facts And Benefits

Fennel Seeds Nutritional Facts And Benefits

•When it comes to fennel seeds benefits, fennel seeds nutritional facts, there is plenty of thoughts to discuss. Let us have a close look over it.

• Fennel seeds India is medicinal herb having many medicinal benefits that makes you overall fit and healthy.

• The fennel seeds are good to treat joint pains, cough, sore throats, and bronchitis and also helps in curing body pain.

• The seeds have pleasant aroma and can be used inside food dishes to give distinct taste and flavor. They can also be used to make pickles.

Fennel Seeds, Caraway Seeds Uses

•Fennel seeds in India are popular during cooking and can be used for garnishing salads too.Fennel seeds in India are popular during cooking and can be used for garnishing salads too.

• Further it is used along with soups, sauces, puddings etc and generally available with popular seeds exporters around.

• When fennel seeds are dried, they can be used to make medicines to make you healthy and fit. Fennel seed nutrition facts can help for treating Gas and chronic coughs.

• Fennel seeds are preferred when you have any digestion problem and can be used for treating stomach related problems.

• Fennel seeds and Caraway seeds have main benefits is that It improves vision and considered as an antidote for poison. To know more on fennel seeds exporters in India and their custom range, kindly contact us right away.

• They are used for cooking food or can also be used for garnishing salad.

• It is used generally inside soups, sauces, puddings etc.

• Dry and crush it properly to use along with medicines

• It can be used for treating stomach pain and allergiesRecently, according to a research, fennel seeds India are natural resource for skin nourishment and other skin problems. This is the reason consumption of fennel seeds have become so frequent in India and global market. Alongside, popularity of fennel seeds exporters has also increased in last few years.

Fennel seeds exporters like Ashway Impex are always selling quality seeds to clients and all seeds products are available at very optimum prices. Ashway is a prominent name in seeds market who is making its business channel stronger in overseas market too.

Mustard Seeds, Mustered Seed, Rai
Chapter – 12

HSN Code – 12075010

Mustard is a condiment primarily made from the seeds of a mustard plant. The Mustard Seeds exporter in India exports tonnes of mustard products from India. Due to the various uses and benefits of Mustard, the Mustard Seeds export from India has been on a rise. This is considered as a good opportunity for the Indian Mustard Seeds exporter to expand his business and enter the international market. The Mustard Seeds export from India includes various varieties of mustard.


The Global Market Demand for mustard has been increasing over the years. Along with mustard, the Mustard Seeds exporter in India exports Mustard oil to various countries in the world including Bangladesh, USA, Malaysia, Japan and Australia. The combined value of the total export of mustard oil from India is around 81.01 USD million. Around 122 countries in the world are included in the Mustard Seeds import from India.



  • Mustard has many culinary uses. Whole white mustard seed is said to be used in pickling spice and in spice mixtures for cooking meats and other seafood.
  • Mustard also has health and medicinal benefits. It is said to help to cure the common cold, painful joints and muscles, Arthritis so on and so forth.
  • The mustard seed is also ground with other spices to prepare various curry powders and pastes.

Mustard is also said to be useful for aching feet and lower back pain.

Tilly, Sesame seeds, Hulled Sesame seeds
Chapter- 12

HSN code – 12074090

At Ashway Impex, we value quality right from the inception. In that, these seeds that are processed in bulk are sourced from the highly fertile regions of the Indo-Gangetic plain and Gujarat. Thus, we ensure that only premium quality sesame are delivered to you. Go ahead, explore our premium sesame range of Indian origin.

Sesame Seeds are the tear-shaped small seeds that come in the assortment of black and white in different compositions. The crunchy & nutty seeds are principally known for the high oil content and the texture that they supplement to cuisines worldwide.

We value our track record of first-rate service & customer satisfaction in sync with the guarantee for perfect quality, pricing & performance. With our cutting-edge technology, supply chain management & drive for product innovation, we are empowered to produce & export a complete range of sesame seed on a global scale:

Natural Sesame Seeds: We are the bulk processors & exporters of natural white sesame seed in India.

Hulled Sesame Seed:  is the premier supplier of the mechanically hulled sesame seed to the global markets.

Black Sesame Seed: We manufacture & export a range of sortex-cleaned natural black sesame seed & jet-black sesame seed for culinary. medicinal & industrial applications.

Brown Sesame Seed: Ashway Impex also process oil-crushing grade brown sesame seed & make them export-ready for global locations.

Fenugreek Seeds, Methi, Methi Dana
Chapter – 09

HSN Code- 09109912

Fenugreek Seeds are small about 5 mm. long, hard, and brownish yellow although the color varies. The seeds are hard, yellowish brown and angular. Some are oblong, some rhombic, other virtually cubic, with a side of about 3mm (1/8″). A deep furrow all but splits them in two. They are available whole and dried, or as a dull yellow powder, ground from the roasted seeds.

Fenugreek seeds had found medicinal use much earlier than as a flavouring condiment. They are rich in vitamin C and have high protein content. It helps in reducing cholesterol by preventing stiffening of arteries and also aid in weight loss. It also functions both as a preventive medicine for diabetes and also helps control sugar level.

The name Fenugreek (Methi) comes from the Latin term Foenum-graecum, or Greek hay. Fenugreek is an erect annual herb native to Asia and southern Europe. Fenugreek is a tender, erect annual with three-part leaves and pea-like flowers that grows in fertile, well-drained, alkaline soil in full sun. It reaches a height of less than three feet and has a sweet hay scent when dried.

Why Fenugreek Seeds FromAshway Impex

  1. Transparent Written and Oral Communication about the product.
  2. Customer focused rather than sales focused.
  3. Experience of Shipping to almost 16 countries.
  4. Customers feedback for each shipment.
  5. Stringent Sourcing and Quality checking.
  6. Live Videos and Photos while processing.
  7. Willingness to help without any sales expectation.
  8. Direct Personal Involvement of Management in each shipment.

How To Select A Genuine Exporter Of Fenugreek Seeds?

  1. Understand Exporter’s Company and the Industry.
  2. Understand the Exporter’s Presence and experience.
  3. Knowledge, Quality and Source of the Product.
  4. Pricing of the Product.
  5. Willingness to help without any sales expectation.
  6. Video Calling/Physical Visit.
  7. Verification in Google about the complaints.

Tradeshow Participation.

Ajwain, Carom Seeds, Ajwain Seeds, thymol seeds, Bishop’s weed
Chapter – 09

HSN Code – 09109914

India is the largest manufacturers of spices of various different kinds. Ajwain is one of those spices and considered good for our health. This is natural spice use in food items as in many Indian cuisines and many more foreigner dishes. Ashway Impex are the leading exporters of spices and food products.

Ajwain is aromatic herb but not so tasty when taken directly. It is strong, pungent and bitter herb. Even small amount of Ajwain can change food flavor and its aroma. Ajwain cannot be taken in raw form, either it should be roasted or fried when it is consumed.

At Ashway Impex, we are Ajwain exporters whose spices are very popular across country. Our Ajwain seeds are available without weed seeds and available with FDA guarantee and assured quality. Ajwain is generally available in India, Pakistan, and Middle East countries and widely used as a spice across world.

If we talk about India only then Gujarat and Rajasthan are major producers and exporters of Ajwain herb. Asian Food is also based in Gujarat are major India exporters of Ajwain and other similar spices that are considered as essentials for Indian kitchen.

Medicinal Benefits of Ajwain Herb

  • It has medicinal properties and can be used for various treatments when taken regularly.
  • It has anti emetic properties and also improves overall digestion system of a person.
  • Ajwain can also be used to treat diarrhea and menstruation problem in women.
  • Ajwain should be taken after delivery to maintain stamina and blood cells. It also purifies and regulates blood inside human body.
  • Ajwain can also be used to aid asthma or arthritis.

To get extra discounts on spices, put your bulk order now. We are happy to assist our customer 24 hours a day.

Why products of Asian foods are so much popular in the market?

  • Fragrance among spices is very strong and the same quality is present in the spices of AshwayImpexand this is the only reason that they are so much popular among the market in comparison with the others.
  • Clients are provided with the best customer’s service provider executives so there is no need to take any external help.

Products offered by Ashway Impex are considered as superior quality products.

Bajari, Pearl Millet, millets Pearl, Millet Bajra, Satyam Jowar flour
Chapter – 10

HSN code – 10082029

Pearl millet is a millet, an annual grass, erect and reaching up to around 3 m high with a profuse root system. The global demand for pearl millet has been increasing and thus the Pearl Millet exporter in India exports tonnes of millet each year. Pearl millet is also known to have several other uses and benefits including some health and medicinal benefits. Therefore, the Pearl millet export from India is predicted to grow rapidly in the coming years. The Indian pearl millet exporter earns goof revenues from the export of their products to several countries in the world. It can be said that the pearl millet export is now a good business opportunity for food exporters.

Wheat, Ghau
Chapter – 10

HSN Code – 10019010

Wheat is the most important winter cereal grown during the non-monsoon months, and it is less vulnerable to yield fluctuation than other crops. After rice, wheat is the most important cereal in India. It is grown in cooler regions of Indiaduring the mild winter months of November to mid-April.

Physical characteristics such as hectoliter weight, thousand grain weight, grain hardness and texture are important for the grain trade. Based on physical parameters and purity, Indian wheat has been grouped into different grades in accordance with the international grading system.

We export wheat, wheat being one of the most important staple food grains and an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, vitamins, iron and magnesium. This grain is grown on a vast land area than any other commercial food. The world trade for wheat is more when compared to all other crops combined. Globally, wheat has the highest source of vegetable protein in human food, having a higher protein content when compared to other major cereals, maize (corn) or rice.


Chapter- 64

HSN code – 64021990

When it comes to footwear, how can we refuse the request of those who desire the adrenaline rush? Best Quality Gents and Ladies Shoes in India, Be it style, attitude, toughness, and more, Ashway Impex is for those who are always ready and stop at nothing to take on any challenges and odds that come in their path.

The future of India is in our youngsters at school. School Footwear for Kids in Mumbai,Maharashtra, India. To fulfill their growing footwear needs, we offer – a wide range of durable and comfortable school footwear for girls and boys, Ashway aims to design school shoes to keep those tiny walk, jump, run and hop with ease and the confidence to continually keep A Step Ahead.

We are the Best Footwear Distributor in Mumbai, It’s unique “Stylish & Fashionable” promise has made it the primary choice of Women and Men. Accessible in light and comfortable casual wear and stylish, elegant formal wear, Our PU range is well stocked with hues and designs. Ashway makes it simple for the Indian youth to our style statement and walks with confidence.

We are the best footwear distributor in Maharashtra, Footwear quality, style, design, and customer service are the main core pillars of which always encourage Ashway Impex to offer exceptional products with invincible value for money. When it comes to quality, our goal is to keeps exceed our client’s expectations. Best Quality Gents and Ladies Shoes in India as well as Kids Fashion Footwear Manufacturers in India, The competitiveness of Ashway Impex products lay on the strong infrastructure of institutional qualities derived from its deep consumer knowledge, Cutting-Edge Research & Development in the business of footwear, differentiated product development capacity, world-class manufacturing foundation, distribution network, efficient marketing, strategic brand-building and dedicated team of an experienced workforce.

We manufacture and provide comfortable and lightweight Safety footwear with PU Sole. Best Quality Gents and Ladies Shoes in India, Acknowledged for its light-weight, durability, resistance against heat, shock, heat, oil & abrasion, attractive designs, and sole strength, we manufactured footwear using high-quality raw material. PU Gents and Ladies Footwear in India, As per the customer requirement, we customize footwear according to them. Available in custom designs, our collection of footwear stringently tested and checked based on different aspects, with an aim that customers get imperfection free products and cater to Best Sandal for ladies in India.Ashway Impex is the retailer and leading manufacturer of footwear in India.


Footwear Product


Pearl Millet import from India includes the import of different varieties of Pearl Millet including Giant Bajra, Raj Bajra Chari-2, APFB-2 so on, and so forth. The Pearl Millet exporter in Indi exports premium quality millets to many countries in the world. The export of Pearl Millet from India includes these key varieties.


This variety of Pearl Millet has been recommended for cultivation in the entire Bajra growing area. The plants of this variety are leafy with profuse tillering and have 9-10% protein at boot stage. This variety is known to be moderately resistant to downy mildew and ergot diseases.


This variety of Peral Millet has been notified for cultivation for the entire Bajra growing area. The green fodder yield is around 30–45 t/ha. Raj Bajra Chari-2 is resistant to foliar diseases and insect-pests. At the ear emergence stage, internodes are completely enclosed in the leaf sheath and the leaves are shiny and broad.

3. APFB-2

The APFB-2 variety of Pear Millets is recommended for cultivation in Andhra Pradesh. This variety belongs to the early maturity group, non-lodging, fertilizer responsive, best suited to summer and early Kharif sowings. The plant height is 160–180 cm providing green fodder yield around 25 t/ha.

4. PCB-164

The PCB-164 variety of Pearl Millets has been developed by PAU, Ludhiana from five late maturing lines. This variety of Pearl Millet was released and notified for cultivation in the north-west part of India.


The Avika Bajra Chari variety has been recommended for cultivation in the state of western Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Tarai region of Uttarakhand. This variety also known as AVKB-19, is said to have a dual purpose with a green fodder yield potential of 36.7 t/ha, dry fodder 8.8 t/ha and 10.2 q/ha seed yield.


The Narendra Chara Bajra variety has been developed by NDUA&T, Faizabad. This variety of Pearl Millets has been recommended for cultivation in pearl millet growing areas in the north-east zone under salt-affected soils.

7. FBC-16

The FBC-16 variety of Pearl millets has been notified for cultivation in entire north-west India. This variety is said to be a multi-cut variety and is resistant to major diseases. The variety also has a low concentration of oxalates and high voluntary dry matter intake by the animals. The green fodder yield potential of this variety is 70–80 t/ha.

8. TNSC-1

This variety of Pearl millets was bred by TNAU, Coimbatore and was recommended for cultivation in the entire Bajra growing area of the country in the year 1995. TNSC-1 variety provides around 27–40 t/ha green fodder and is said to be resistant to foliar diseases and insect-pests.

9. OL-125

The OL-125 variety of oats was developed by intervarietal hybridization using Appler and IPC-163 followed by pedigree breeding and selection. The variety was released in 1995 for cultivation in the north-west and central zone of the country. This variety is suitable for single cut/multi-cut and yields 58 t/ha green fodder.

If you are looking for a Pearl Millet importer from India, Ashway Impex is the best choice for you! Ashway Impex is one of the most trustworthy exporters of food products including pulses, grains, veggies, fruits, and such other products from India. Export of Pearl millet is a good opportunity for Indian vendors and exporters to enter the international market and export Indian food products.

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